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Colorful Laptop Cases

Purchasing tips for the perfect colorful laptop cases for your laptop or netbook.

Colorful Laptop Caseshot pink colorful laptop cases for netbooks

Laptop bags, cases, and totes are important for more than simply protecting and carrying your laptop computer, they are fantastic fashion accessories that allow you to express your style via your favorite colors, images, and patterns.

Currently one of the most popular today are colorful laptop cases. Thanks to the outstanding growth of colored laptop and netbook computers, the popularity of colored laptop cases has increased tenfold. After all what would a brand spanking new pink laptop be without a trendy pink case to match?

And whether you carry your laptop to class, to the office or even the coffee shop, colorful light-weight laptop cases are not only stylish, but a safe and comfortable way to take your laptop with you wherever you go.

You will find a ton of fun and unique colors to choose from in different styles and for various prices. This large selection makes finding the perfect colored laptop cases easy and fun for everyone. Highly fashionable cases are sometimes pretty hefty in price, though more economically priced cases are available on the market, so choices are very plentiful and the perfect case exists for everyone's budget.

Funky And Elegant Designed Colorful Laptop Cases

Built E-LS10-MDT colorful laptop Sleeve for 10-Inch Laptops Micro Dot 

There are simple, complex, funky, and elegant designs in all your favorite colors, and whether you're looking for yourself or buying one as a gift for that special somebody, a color laptop case is going to be a great fashionable accessory for a high-tech laptop or netbook.

But before you run out and buy any colorful laptop case, definitely make sure you purchase a case with a solid feature set.

A pretty laptop case is worthless if it doesn't offer you useful features and most of all protect your laptop from scratches, cracks, dents, or even total destruction.

Here's a rundown of some key features that you will want to look for when shopping for a new colorful laptop case.

Functional Colorful Laptop Cases

Case Logic UCS-15 15.4-Inch Felt colorful Messenger Bag with Laptop Storage


The majority of laptop bags include plenty of foam padding to help with keeping your laptop safe from scratches and bumps. The more padding the better for protection is the key with any laptop bag.

Whatever model you have in mind, you will find that the choices among colorful laptop cases are nearly endless and almost all laptop cases are made with protection in mind, to avoid damage to your computer. But there's nothing wrong with showing off a little style at the same time.

Many laptop bags have removable and adjustable shoulder straps with padded shoulders so that you can carry your laptop comfortably without it making your shoulder sore. If you plan on traveling with your laptop frequently, definitely make sure a strap is well padded for even a light laptop can feel heavy if you lug it around all day, especially if you load your bag up with accessories.

The front pockets on many colorful laptop cases are handy for your keys, your iPod, your PDA, your cell phone, makeup, etc., and there is a back pocket on many laptop bags and cases that will be convenient for notebooks, files, and school papers alike.

If you tend to carry a lot around, pay special attention to pockets. If your laptop is not away from the desk for long time periods, you may not need the extra pockets found in some colorful laptop cases. But for most people, these pockets come in very handy.

You can even find colorful laptop cases that have waterproofed compartments for your folders and files, as well as for your PDA, cell phone and other traveling essentials. Other popular features may include retractable handles that have wrapping made from padded leather, protective cushions in the compartments, and spacious main compartments.

You may also like a model that has a deep zipper pocket, organizer pockets, a front pocket that zips, and waterproof side pockets that are handy for shoes, an umbrella or a water bottle.

Small Yet Stylish Colorful Laptop Cases

kroo pink netbook cases


You may select a laptop case that is smaller so that it can fit inside a briefcase, backpack or purse. Or you may choose a larger laptop case that actually holds many of the things otherwise kept in a briefcase, which will mean one less thing to carry.

Front zippers on laptop bags can handle your peripherals, without becoming too bulky to slip inside a briefcase. Some laptop bags are more protective than others, so take into account where the laptop is carried, in case the person needs a more durable laptop case.

Try to find a laptop case with a shoulder strap that is fully adjustable and removable, so that the laptop can be carried more comfortably. Many bags today are styled with travel in mind, specifically to make it easier to get through airport security. Their streamlined and slim design makes them easy to carry nearly anywhere.

If you or someone in your family has just purchased a new laptop, you may be looking at colorful laptop cases to protect your new investment. You want a case that will protect your laptop but also one that looks good when you carry it. You can also purchase laptop bags that are quilted, and these offer your computer additional protection against bumps.

If you want a top-of-the-line laptop bag, you may choose one that has a plush inner lining. This will offer your laptop the ultimate in protection. Some colorful laptop cases can be turned into sleeves, which is an added bonus.

You can find laptop bags that will fit models from the smallest netbook up to the largest laptop. The cases are available in many different colors, and patterns that are perfect for people on the move. Denim laptop bags are also available, and they add a certain casual air for your laptop.

Once you have decided the basic style of laptop bag you are looking for, it's time to look through the many available colorful laptop cases, to find the one that best fits you, or the person you are buying it for.

Laptop briefcases, Trolley Cases, Custom Laptop Cases & More.

mcklein pink leather wheeled ladies casePockets on both sides of a laptop bag make it more convenient for the person carrying it. You will find that a typical laptop bag will fit laptops up to 15 inches, and the bags don't normally weigh more than a pound or so. If you would like the ability to change the color of your laptop bag when you change your outfits, many laptop bags are available in a wide variety of colors.

If you are looking for the perfect laptop bag or briefcase for executives on the go, you can purchase a laptop trolley case. These are usually made with a quilted exterior, and some of them have a leather trim. They comply with airline requirements regarding carry-on luggage, and most will fit your basic 15 inch laptop, or one that is smaller.

When you are shopping for colorful laptop cases, you will find that they are available in nearly any color, including blue, green, red, orange, purple, yellow, and pink among others. Many laptop bags also have multi colored designs which will be great for students and folks who love multi-colored items. On the other hand, many multi-colored laptop bags may not be appropriate for every workplace so choose a bag wisely.

You may choose to purchase a laptop bag for a family member who attends school or who works in a place where laptops are needed. The best laptop cases are sleek and stylish, and they will have a snug fit for your laptop to make sure that no sudden movements jolt your computer.

There are some funky designs the kids will love too, and some made for adults who want something other than a boring black laptop case. Laptop bags are usually made to hold not just laptops but all your favorite gadgets, files, etc.

But whether you buy laptop bags for yourself or for someone else, you are going to find whimsical designs as well as basic colors and even more styles to boot. And if a default case design isn't custom enough for your tastes, you can always add your own personal touches to your laptop bag, by adding monograms, beads or sequins, and we've also seen many individuals customize their cases by stitching their name or initials into the bag. Be creative and have fun with your colorful laptop bag!

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