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Colored Toshiba Netbooks

A look at the popular NB 300 Series colored Toshiba netbooks.

pink toshiba mini netbooksColored Toshiba netbooks

By Colleen C.

Netbook shoppers today are looking for a machine with a speedy processor, solid battery life, and a keyboard that is comfortable to use among other great features.

But a solid performing netbook is not the only requirement on many shoppers must have list, for they also seek a sleek, colorful, and trendy designed exterior.

Toshiba fulfills all these must-haves, especially with their newer NB line of netbooks. They have made many improvements to their netbook in the recent past, which makes them one of the top options for mini computers at this time. Toshiba offers mini laptops in many industry favorite colors including pink, red, blue, black, brown, black, and white to name a few.

The Toshiba Mini NB305-N410 has been ranked at #2 out of the Top Ten in netbooks. That's almost the best, in an arena that has become very crowded with competitors. Counting the no-name brands, there are hundreds of models in the netbook and notebook categories, and the features tend to be similar from one brand to the next.

Colored Toshiba netbooks stand above most of the other brands, and its specifications are almost the same as the netbook that finished at #1 in the Top Ten category. The design is easy to use, and the battery life is hard to beat. The processor is just about the fastest you will find, and this is of prime concern for business and personal netbook consumers.

The NB300 Series Toshiba netbook is designed for easy navigation, and comfort during use. It's light-weight, thin and attractive, with a 10.1 inch widescreen that has an LED backlight. The screen resolution is an impressive 1024 x 600, and you can power up faster and use less power.

One of the main differences between colored Toshiba netbooks and the netbooks that come in lower in the Top Ten is the quality and size of the keyboard. The Toshiba models have standard U.S. keyboards, which allow for easy typing with fewer hassles. The touchpad is similar to those found on a laptop, with easy to use mouse buttons and multi-touch control.

red toshiba mini netbooks

You can get Wi-Fi on the Toshiba Mini NB305-N410 but it does not offer an option for Bluetooth. The microphone and webcam are built into the view screen, at the edge, for easy access. 

Toshiba also includes other features that make their Mini model more useful for consumers. It has a health monitor, which alerts you to issues on your netbook, before they become major problems. This monitor also keeps track of the temperature and power usage of the netbook, and tracks other hardware components, to protect them from shocks.

Colored Toshiba netbooks are also available with USB Sleep-and-charge. It's a feature that is very travel-friendly, allowing you to charge your other portable devices on the netbook while it's off. Toshiba has also included an impact sensor for the hard drive, which helps in guarding your data on the device, in case you drop it.

Many netbooks of today still suck energy way too eagerly, and these models also tend to leave a larger  carbon footprint. Toshiba mini's are designed so that they are more friendly to the environment. They have EnergyStar qualifications, meeting the standards of energy-efficient products.

The Toshiba Mini NB305-N410 is similar to some other netbooks, using the Intel Atom N450 processors. This is a speedy processor, that makes using smaller netbooks easier and simpler. You won't have to wait as long for your programs to boot, and this processor also will enhance the performance of your netbook, overall.

Colored Toshiba netbooks like the Mini NB305-N410 come packed with Windows 7 Starter as their operating system, and the Media Accelerator from Intel Graphics makes this netbook better for video and gaming, but it's still not suitable for any heavy gaming usage.

Toshiba's Mini gives you 1GB of memory, which is the same as offered on the number 1 rated netbook, but the battery life is why it's a step down from #1 but still above many others. 11 hours of battery life is a good solid time, although the #1 netbook has three hours more. But 11 hours is still well above many other netbooks. It gains the time by using a 6-cell battery, and this will allow you to stay online for longer time periods.

blue toshiba mini netbooks

Toshiba netbooks in the Mini NB305-N410 class don't have a smartcard reader slot or a PC express slot. You can use memory cards like SDHC and SD cards, though. You can use these to easily transfer files from smartphones, digital cameras or MP3 players to your netbook.

There are many netbooks now that are basically identical to all the rest, and Toshiba's models stand above almost all the other models. It has improved from the prior model by including an longer battery life, a newer processor and no bulge with its 6-cell battery. It even has stereo speakers, and the price didn't jump from the last model to the current model.

The Mini NB Colored Toshiba netbooks are always strong contenders for solid design and construction. The finish is attractive and the lid is semi-shiny, which makes it stand out from the crowd. It has a more professional look, as opposed to some other netbooks, that look like toys.

The battery is tucked under the Toshiba netbooks chassis now, which makes it almost unnoticeable. This makes for a more compact netbook body, and cleaner lines. The power button is housed in a rounded hinge for easy access, and the shiny plastic shows off the widescreen display. 

The webcam gives you good quality web Video chatting, and Skype software is included on many models. The chiclet keyboard makes the most of the space it has, and the "feel" is quite similar to that of the Sony VAIO models. The keys are oriented in a strange way, but once you get used to it, they're not difficult to use.

The icons and colors on the LED-backlit display screen are bright and crisp, which gives you an experience that's better than average. The extra speaker gives this netbook much better sound than on older models. The processor gives you the same performance level or better than that found on other netbooks. 

This netbook works very well for emailing, surfing the Internet and for light office work, but it's not made for heavier types of multi-tasking. Watching videos depends on the original video quality and source, but for most everyday uses, colored Toshiba netbooks like the Mini NB305-N410 will offer you everything you need for a great netbook experience.

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