2019 Colored Laptops Buying Guide

Color Laptops: Express Yourself!

We take a look at the hottest 2019 colored laptops from Dell and Sony.

Looking for a colorful laptop? Well, you’re not going to have to look hard.

Colorful laptops and gadgets have taken over the mobile computing market.

Dell, Sony, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, NEC, Fujitsu, and HP to name a few, have all created a very exciting colorful laptop inventory.

There are quite literally thousands of funky, flashy, patterned, and hip colored laptops to choose from. If you are a colorful person who enjoys expressing yourself, you’re going to love the selection available.

Laptop manufactures have quite literally brought it all to the table, and not one ounce of design and innovation was left behind either. Have you heard of a designer laptop? We’re happy to inform you they exist, and we must say some of them rock!

After all you can customize iPods, digital cameras, mobile phones, and just about any other gadget, so laptops should by no means be an exception.

In fact, personalization is often the determining factor for our purchases.  After all we are all unique and have different tastes, and rightfully so want to express ourselves with our gadgets.

2019 Colored Laptops – Satisfy Your Colored Desires

sony vaio pink colored laptops imagesWe are huge fans of personalized mobile tech, and in our opinion there’s no better way to make a bonafide “Who I Am” statement right now other than sporting a cool colored laptop or gadget.

Laptop manufacturers are scrambling on top of each other to corner the market with colored laptops and gadgets branded with their name.

Splashes of color add personality to our gadgets, making them the perfect accessory to flaunt our personal style. This huge demand for cool colored gadgets is practically forcing every laptop manufacturer to steadily release a new stream of colored technology gadgets to fulfill our wants, desires, and needs.

You can now buy colorful laptops in numerous colors, in funky colored patterns, and even in custom colorful designs. Choose from red laptops, blue laptops, purple laptops, green laptops, orange laptops, yellow laptops, brown laptops, white laptops, black laptops, and pink laptops, just to name a few!

Think of your favorite color and we’re willing to bet the perfect colorful laptop or gadget is out there waiting for you. So let’s embrace our beautiful, colorful world, and take a look at new colored laptops!

The World Of Colored Laptops 2019

sony colored laptops images picturesHaving the option to choose a laptops color in our opinion is one of the coolest things to embrace laptops in a while, and there is no better time to find the perfect color then today.

Choosing the exterior color doesn’t matter from a performance standpoint of course, but it is however still a great option to have because it without a doubt allows us to express our vision to the world of our peers.

If we can pick iPod’s in our favorite color why not laptops too, right?  Yup, we agree.

Honestly we’re very thankful that laptop manufacturers have begun to offer colored laptops, especially since two of our personal favorite laptop series the Dell Inspiron and Sony VAIO now have so many color options.

While slightly different in their approach to color selection, both really put effort into choosing their color palette which is very apparent the moment you pull one out of the box for the first time.

In fact, both Dell and Sony offer color options that are in our opinion equally favorable over the standard boring laptop color palette of yesterday.

Dell has however jumped ahead of the curve by offering switchable lids on select Inspiron laptops and a huge selection of Design Studio custom laptop covers.

Other industry leading laptop manufactures including HP, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Gateway, and many others also offer some pretty cool color options, and without a doubt we will see even more color laptop options well into the future.

But we’ll save them for another day, here’s a look and Dell and Sony, two of our favorite color laptop manufacturers. Enjoy!

2019 Colored Laptops

Pink Laptops, Red Laptops, Purple Laptops, Green Laptops, Blue Laptops, & more.

Dell Colored Laptops

dell colored laptops picturesDell Inspiron Colored Laptops

Dell Inspiron colored notebooks are available with many bold color options to choose from.

Popular colors include: Lotus Pink, Jet Black, Alpine White, Espresso Brown, Ruby Red, Fire Red, Midnight Blue, Peacock Blue, Spring Green, and Sunshine Yellow to name a few.

And if this isn’t already enough to drench your color palette, among these many options you will find some Dell laptops offered in glossy, non-glossy, polished, or even Dell Design Studio custom finishes.

Popular Dell Studio selections include: Mehndi, Horizontal Purple, Horizontal Pink, Sangeet, Shaadi, Mehndi, and Amira. This is just the beginning too, you’ll find many other cool Design Studio options to choose from.

When Dell first released patterned laptops, we personally weren’t too impressed with their first crop of designs, but many of these newer Design Studio options are without a doubt pretty sweet.

We’re not going to lie, we personally liked every colored Dell laptop that we had the privilege to test so far.

dell inspiron purple colored laptopsWoman we feel will especially like one of the many pink colored laptops such as Dell’s Flamingo Pink, and the purple desire color laptop selection is also fantastic.

We’ve personally tested both pink and purple Inspiron laptops and we have to admit we liked them very much.  Both colors stand out and will certainly make a bold fashion statement.

Are you a self-proclaimed color fanatic? If so, you’re going to love Dell Inspiron switchable laptop lids. Tired of pink? Switch to purple. Tired of black? Switch to blue. It’s really quite that simple. Talk about innovation, way to go Dell! Each lid will cost you extra though, but prices aren’t too bad overall from around $29 to $49 dollar per lid depending on style.

Dell colored laptops are also for the most part fingerprint resistant, which is in our opinion a nice touch, for it helps to keep the laptop looking clean during day to day use.

Many other laptop manufacturers have instead embraced the glossy is flashier approach which tends to make the laptop a fingerprint magnet.

Sure a glossy finish would add what some would call a bling bling appearance, but the non-glossy finish actually fits the Dell Inspiron’s overall look and feel very nicely.

dell custom patterned colorful laptopsNow when you put exterior appearance aside and focus strictly on specifications, Dell Inspiron laptops are currently very configurable like usual, and they are very good all around performers.

All in all, Dell Inspiron laptops won’t put holes in your pockets for they are priced very well, and there is no denying they offer some of the best laptop colors and patterned designs on the planet.

Dell XPS Colored Laptops

dell xps colored laptopsIf you’re looking for the higher-end technologies, you will definitely want to move up into Dell’s more expensive XPS line, which thankfully also has many color options at their disposal. Sweet!

As of this writing you can configure various Dell XPS systems in many cool colors including but not limited to Tuxedo Black, Alpine White, Midnight Blue and the popular Flamingo Pink.

If you’re strictly looking for a cool pink laptop don’t forget to check out our pink laptops page for these laptop pinkies are truly selling like crazy.

Higher-end XPS gaming systems even include color options including Sapphire Blue, Smoke Grey, Crimson Red, and a Bone White among many others as well. Nice!

But this is nothing compared to the Dell Design Studio options available. Try over 300 designs! How is that for selection? The Studio Design custom covers are also permanent, so there’s no way the cover will come off unexpectedly.

Some popular Design Studio options include: Sea Sky, 100 Years in Miami, and La Paz-itively Hot! by OPI. Women will love all the OPI designs for they can choose from 26 cool color shades to match their favorite OPI nail polish. How is that for color coordination?

As you see Dell is a serious contender in this crazy colored laptop world that we live.  We must say that after all our testing we really must say that we like what Dell currently offers in the way of colored notebooks.

We honestly really look forward to seeing new future colors from Dell and we do highly recommend you check Dell out during your colored laptop quest.

An Alternative To Pre-Patterned And Colored Laptops

skinit logoOk, say you don’t like any of the preset designs offered by Dell or  even another manufacturer like Sony, or maybe you simply want  something more than a basic solid colored laptop. Well there are  other personalization options that you can pursue.

If you don’t already know about skins, they are a favorite alternative to pre-patterned and colored laptops.  Basically they are a stick on design called a skin which you order online and then apply it yourself. In fact you can even skin many older laptops if desired and other products such as an XBOX for example.

Our favorite online destination for skins is Skinit.Com and we highly recommend them.   They offer tons of preset skins and you can even take customization up another notch by sending in your own designs so they can create one using it. Click on the Skinit logo above to check them out.

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Sony Colored Laptops

sony vaio series colored laptops picturesSony VAIO EA Series Colored Laptops

The first thing you will most definitely notice visually with Sony color laptops compared to many other mainstream manufacturers including Dell, is a more refined paint quality finish.

In our opinion Sony’s current crop of laptops have one of the best paint finishes we’ve seen from a mainstream laptop manufacturer.

Paint quality is ultra-clean and the color palette Sony chose is top notch. We can almost guarantee you will be impressed with Sony’s quality paint finish. Sony also has a great selection of Signature Collection VAIO laptops that offer sweet limited-edition colorful case designs.

When we first laid eyes on a Sony VAIO EA Series Signature Collection laptop in premium Arabesque Black and Arabesque Gold, we had to admit the patterned raised design was pretty darn nice. On the other hand, the Arabesque selections floral like appearance will appeal more towards women.

Men though will love the Lava Black and Gunmetal Black selections, and the Iridescent Blue colored VAIO will apeal to both sexes.  Sony’s Coconut White selection is fairly neutral as well.

But let’s not forget pink laptops and purple laptops! Women will love the Sony VAIO EA Hibiscus Pink and Passion Purple color pallete. In fact, these two colors are extremely popular with teens. If you’re a parent shopping for a new school laptop for your daughter, we can almost guarantee she will love one of these beauties.

colored sony vaio small pink laptopOverall the palette Sony chose for their new laptop line is fantastic. Sony definitely upped the quality bar with their paint quality and color choice, and Sony’s overall laptop quality as a whole is top notch like usual.

VAIO EA Series laptops as of this writing can be configured in Hibiscus Pink, Passion Purple, Arabesque Black, Arabesque Gold, Iridescent Blue, Bordeaux Red, Lava Black, Gunmetal Black, and Coconut White.

Sony VAIO EA Series colored laptops are also technologically stacked, for an elegant exterior finish is nothing if you don’t have the laptop computing performance to match. The VAIO EA Series laptops offer the latest gear to go with their awesome styling, and they are lightweight at 5.2 pounds.

Among the EA’s highlights, you can buy them configured with powerful battery efficient
Intel Core i5 processors, up to 8GB DDR3 memory, Blu-ray drives, the latest Wi-Fi standards, super fast 7200rpm hard drives, Bluetooth, and Intel Wireless Display technology.

The VAIO EA Series laptops are also equipped with 14-inch displays so they aren’t bulky. 14-inch laptops offer a great balance of screen size and weight, with overall laptop usability. The smaller 14-inch screen draws less power than larger displays as well, so laptop battery runtimes are good.  Paired with the efficient Intel i5 processor, VAIO EA Series laptops get up to 5 hours of battery life.

Powering the 1366×768 HD screen is a powerful ATI Mobility Radeon HD graphics card, so you can run demanding video applications with ease. You can even output hi-res Blu-ray movies, videos, photos, and games to your HDTV via the HDMI output port that comes standard on VAIO EA series laptops.

Overall VAIO EA Series laptops are a great do all laptop that offer not only fantastic colorful styling, but the technologies you need to play in your digital world. Sony VAIO EA Series laptops are also priced reasonable, from around $700 to $800.

Sony VAIO EB Series Colored Laptops

Sony vaio white colored laptop imagesIs the Sony VAIO EA’s 14-inch screen too small for your liking? No problem, welcome to the Sony VAIO EB Series colored laptops.

Sony VAIO EB laptops are very similar to the EA as far as styling and features, though their main difference is that the EB sports a bigger 15.5-inch display with a massive 1920×1080 full HD screen resolution.

If you see yourself watching Blu-ray movies on the built-in laptop screen, instead of connecting the laptop to your HDTV via HDMI, the EB may be a better buy over the smaller EA Series. The 15.5-inch HD screen is perfect for Blu-ray HD movies for we were personally impressed when we fired up a Blu-ray movie for the first time.

Unfortunately though, the VAIO EB doesn’t get the battery runtimes of the VAIO EA. The larger HD screen eats a bit more juice so it is definitely a contributing factor to the decrease. Overall the VAIO EB gets about 1.5 hours less runtime for its achieves up to 3.5 hours compared to the VAIO EA’s 5 hour battery life rating.

Putting battery life and screen size aside, the two models are actually very similar. The VAIO EB Series is configured with the latest goodies in tech gear as well. There are some subtle differences between the series such as the 10-key pad that comes standard on the EB, but other than that, its pretty similar across the board.

Sony VAIO EB Series colored laptops can even be bought in pretty much the same color flavors too.  As of this writing Sony VAIO EB laptops sport either Passion Purple, Coconut White, Silvery White, Gunmetal Black, Hibiscus Pink, or Iridescent Blue.

The VAIO EB price wise is very competitive to other manufacturers and it is even cheaper than the VAIO EA Series.  While its not exactly save you from breaking the bank money, the VAIO EB is about 50 to 75 dollars cheaper than the EA series.

We recently test drove an Iridescent Blue VAIO EB and it was very Macintosh like from it’s quality exterior finish, to its Mac like low profile style keyboard. Performance was good too of course, for the Intel i5 is a screamer.

We also personally got our hands on a Hibiscus Pink and we all agreed that it is one of the better looking pink laptops that we’ve seen recently.  A pink we can best describe as striking.

We highly recommend you check out both the Sony VAIO EA and VAIO EB colored laptops selection.

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Final Thoughts & Advice

We hope you enjoyed this brief look at cool colored laptops.

But before we wrap up this page we want to remind you to perform additional research from multiple sources just because you can never really be too sure what’s going to be out there at the given moment.

Even though we update our own content on this site routinely, laptop manufacturers will honestly always churn out new products faster than we can update our resources. This is yet another reason we always recommend you do research from multiple review sites as mentioned in our Laptop Ratings article.

Also, for the most up to date information always remember that the manufacturers own website will always be one of your best resources.

In fact, we personally like to start our research directly on the manufacturers website before moving onto websites like this very site that you are reading now.

Ultimately you will purchase the best laptop fit for your unique lifestyle if you are simply patient and do the correct research.

Remember to also check out other useful resources throughout our site for the ultimate laptop purchasing preparation.  We like to call it laptop schooling and our Laptop Buying Guide and Customization Guide is a great start.

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