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Top reasons to purchase cheap Asus netbooks.

cheap colored asus netbooksCheap Asus Netbooks

By Colleen C.

Today you'll find that tablets are often labeled as the new big thing in mobile computing.  The Apple iPad and competitor tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab are without a doubt being snatched up in large numbers globally. But even with this rapid growth, netbook computers like the Asus Eee PC still hold a firm piece of the mobile market pie.

One of the major selling points for a cheap Asus netbook is that they are very affordable.  The low price of a typical netbook alone is a major reason why netbook computers are not going to get phased out by tablets anytime soon. Current tablet computers are still vastly more expensive than the typical netbook.

The price/feature ratio of a cheap Asus netbook is fantastic, for even though they are low in cost, they offer a slew of cool features and many new technologies.  Many Asus netbooks also achieve industry setting battery run times, and because long battery life is a must have for any mobile device, an Asus netbook is a very attractive option indeed.

Compared to a tablet, even the cheapest netbooks also often include just about every feature found in a full-sized laptop.  Cheap Asus netbooks are no exception, for Asus offers many cutting-edge technologies in their Eee PC netbooks, some that even fancy tablets and many full-sized laptops are not able to match, especially when you consider how much you are going to save by purchasing a cheap Asus netbook.
For example, there are only a handful of laptops at the moment that feature USB 3.0. But many Eee PC Asus netbooks have had this technology for some time.  Being that the connection speed is many times faster than a USB 2.0 connections, many Asus netbooks that offer the technology are an attractive option. Many other netbooks and laptops still have only USB 2.0 ports. In addition, even cheap Asus netbooks have silicon integration technologies that are miles ahead of many expensive laptops.

Asus Bluetooth 3.0 is just one more new technology in a list of new technologies that the company uses to give owners greater data output, and it's another feature that isn't available on many other mobile devices. Many cheap Asus netbooks offer a slew of cool technologies in addition to Bluetooth 3.0, all at an affordable price.

blue asus eee pc netbook

Most Asus netbooks also utilize the efficient Atom processor with a dual core, which gives you better multitasking efficiency over many of the competitors who still offer single core chips. 

The Atom dual core chip has a very high integration level, and Intel has even manufactured a variant that fuses GPU and CPU processors. The extra power from the second CPU-type processor does not pull from the battery life, which in Asus netbooks is higher than in many other netbooks and laptops.

These technologies point toward a trend that may be developing in the next year. The larger of laptops have come out with much of the latest mobile PC technology, but this is shifting to Asus netbooks, as they are becoming perhaps the best alternative to a tablet, especially if you don't have a deep pocket book.

Asus broadened their Eee netbook line in 2009. They were obviously aiming for an evolutionary step with their newest netbooks. Some of them do not appear to be significantly different from their earlier siblings, but each product has shown refinements that are important when you compare cheap Asus netbooks with those of any other manufacturers.

Asus has made a life out of taking aim at machines of their rivals, which had portability and usability but a low battery life. Asus gives you the same positives, with a longer battery life. The newer machines include everything you love about netbooks, along with more enhancements which nearly each model released.  A new keyboard layout and a faster Atom processor are just two such refinements.

The quality, finish and fit of cheap Asus netbooks is not all that different than that of the netbooks ranked close to it. And the newer models are not intended to be much of a departure from their last, as far as looks go. But an increase in battery life is something that wins many new users over. And enough parts of the Eee models were tweaked, so that they drew the attention of even current owners of Eee netbooks.

Asus netbooks have not evolved greatly beyond the popularity of the original Eee PC line. They will roll the dice occasionally, but they typically strive to remain true to the users who have brought them to where they are now, as a company. Asus didn't take any long shots in the newer designs, which will be good to know for fans of the original models. If you have an Eee and you're looking for something a lot different, you may be disappointed.

purple asus eee pc netbookWhen experts look at the hardware of Asus netbooks,  they are reminded of the term "evolutionary". Many components don't change in newer models, but the ones that do are significant in giving the netbooks their computing ability and portability.

The newer Asus netbooks enhance their previous models' energy efficiency, and they reduce the amount of power needed by about 15%, giving you nearly ten hours of use, unplugged. The chassis has a hard-coat with a scratch-resistant finish, and it's as beautiful as it is durable.

The mic on the newest Asus netbooks eliminated not only ambient noise, but also echoes, so that you have voice recordings that are more clear. You can share wallpapers, videos, games and photos with Eee Storage, which is 10GB of online storage delivered with each netbook. 
Cheap Asus netbooks are consistently the top selling netbooks on the market today. The advances of technology allow Asus to give you great things in smaller packages. Netbooks take the original idea of portability, brought about by the original laptops, to a whole new level. They are so light that you can take them wherever you go.

The memory configuration offered in even cheap Asus netbooks give you plenty of room and speed for just about any computing task, except intense multimedia or gaming. The hard drive size in the typical Asus netbook will hold all your music, and any data that you need with you when you are commuting or traveling. This makes them a solid mobile media machine.

Of course, the screens will be substantially smaller than laptops, but you can hook Asus netbooks up to an LCD TV and use that as a monitor. And of course, the keyboards are smaller, but this usually is something that you can easily get used to, unless you have very big hands.

Asus netbooks consistently meet and exceed the needs of most portable computer users. They have enough computing power, and they excel and defeat other netbooks in battery life. In fact, they blow away most other netbooks in length of battery life unplugged.

Why pay for four or five hours of battery life when the Asus can give you ten or more hours? The  battery time alone makes Asus netbooks worth their asking price.  My own experience with my new Eee PC has been fantastic. I take mine just about everywhere I go, for with 8 hours of battery life I am a very happy mobile user indeed.

Overall I believe Asus netbooks have just about everything you will need for portable computing, but in a smaller package of course. They are easily taken with you, no matter where you happen to be traveling, due to their size and their capabilities.

The hours alone that they give you away from the outlet make them among the best netbooks for your money. In fact, they are also less expensive than many other netbooks offering similar battery run times, and that is in my opinion another major reason why I highly recommend you purchase a cheap Asus netbook.

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