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Buying The Best Netbooks

We take a look at some of the best netbooks available on the market.

best colored netbook computersThe Best Netbooks - Dell, HP, Acer, Asus & More

Netbooks have become the largest fad that has hit mobile computing in many years. Their low price, small size and mobility make them very appealing to the average laptop user.

Almost all netbooks will have you computing right out of the box, and the expensive netbooks are out there, but there are some individual models that stand out from the rest.

Some computer specialists feel that the explosion of netbook popularity is over. But the best netbooks found a rapid ascent to popularity, which has not dwindled. Netbooks still capture roughly 20% of the market share in mobile computers, and have remained in that vicinity.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. A cooling of the market for netbooks means that we may see more innovative designs. The original netbooks were 10-inch devices with Windows XP and 1 GB of RAM, and nothing more than that. Now we are seeing more variety in the designs that are available.

Popular Netbook Computers

sony vaio netbooks

The best netbooks give you the most abilities for the lowest price. Let's look at some of the best netbooks that your hard-earned money can buy.

The top of the list of high-functioning netbooks is the ASUS Eee PC 1215N. The ASUS line of netbooks has been a class leader for a long time. Most people that look for PC netbooks wind up buying the more inexpensive options. But, at $500 or so, the  ASUS Eee PC 1215N is certainly worth considering.

The Eee PC 1215N is equipped with an atom processor, and that gives this model a fairly good boost in performance over your typical netbook that is powered by a single core atom processor. This hardware may reduce battery life a bit, but you can still get five or six hours on one charge. You may well also appreciate all the extra space that is made available by the larger size of this netbook. The 12.1 inch display and the trackpad and keyboard are obviously larger than those on the 10 inch models.

asus eee pc colored netbooksThe Asus Eee PC 1005P is another model that is very popular today. Overall it is built quite solidly with a clear screen and a keyboard that works well for everyday use. The battery has a long charge time and since it is so small, you can slip this netbook into a pocket or handbag when you travel. The charger is small too, which makes this a great choice for travelers.

The next model on our list of best netbooks is the Toshiba Mini NB305. At first glance it doesn't seem different from many other netbooks you may have seen. It has an atom processor and this obviously means that it can't offer you the same performance as some of the other netbooks on this list.

toshiba mini netbooksBut if you happen to be looking for traditional 10 inch netbook, this Toshiba model is just about the best you can buy. Why is that? Because Toshiba designed the trackpad and keyboard, and they feel more like what you'd expect to find on a 12 inch notebook. But the NB305 only weighs about 3 pounds and gives you a battery charge of almost 8 hours. The reasonable price tag usually ranges at about $300, and gives you a quality package in this netbook.

The Toshiba NB 250 is a newer netbook, and it features a DVD rewriter. This machine has a keyboard that is almost full size, and a bright display. The full-sized trackpad also makes it a real alternative to laptops. 

Popular Acer Netbooks

cool acer purple netbooks

The Acer Aspire One AO721 (AMD) also ranks highly on the list of best netbooks. And these netbooks sometimes appear less attractive than models that have atom processors. The problem was generally battery life. But AMD has revolutionized a light and thin platform that can be found both in high-end notebooks as well as budget models.

The Acer Aspire One AO721 is a device like this. It has 2 GB of RAM and an Athlon 2 processor. The chassis of this model is a bit larger than many netbooks you may have seen. It makes room for an 11.6 inch display. The trackpad and keyboard are also more spacious.

Overall, the performance of the AMD processor is much speedier than that of an Intel atom processor, and the whole package seems more well-rounded, due to the integrated GPU. The battery life is only about five hours, but the price tag is impressive, at less than $450.

acer aspire one netbookNetbooks are among the most popular models of laptops being considered for purchase. Netbooks have become very popular, since they are lighter and smaller than laptops, which makes them much easier to carry. The displays are smaller and this makes netbooks able to run for a longer time on one charge of the battery. Some of these little netbooks even have processing power that is similar to that found on traditional laptops.

The Acer Aspire One D250 is one of the top-selling of the best netbooks on the market today. The screen is bright and clear, which makes it great for editing photos, and the speedy Internet connection allows you to easily upload photos to Flickr, or any other site.

Samsung, HP Mini & Dell Netbooks

samsung n series netbook

Samsung's N220 Plus is an attractive netbook with a large 250 GB hard drive. It ships with Windows 7, a Bluetooth 3.0 and a built-in WebCam.

The Samsung N220 is particularly up to date, with the latest in mobile technology, and it is a great-looking machine to boot.

hp mini pink netbookThe HP Mini 110-1160SA is a netbook made for the ladies, since its case is the color of coral pink. It's still easily among the best netbooks for the money.

The HP Mini pink is a serious computing machine nonetheless, and it features the latest Intel atom processor, and a quite respectable battery life of six hours. And built-in networking and superb graphics complete a winning combination.

Dell Inspiron Mini netbooks are also great mini laptops that you definitely should check out.  Dell Mini netbooks are the perfect lightweight travel companions. 

One of our favorite cheap Dell Mini netbooks is the Inspiron Mini 1018 Netbook.  Weighs only 2.92lbs and the base configuration costs less than $300 brand new. The Mini 1018 also gets a fantastic battery runtime of approximately 7 hours. Plus if you store a ton of videos or music on your netbook for travel, the Dell Mini 1018 can be customized with a 250GB hard disk drive. We also like the fact that the Mini 1018 has a keyboard 92 percent of a full-size keyboard like most of the best netbooks offered on the market.  

dell inspiron mini 10 colored netbooksNow if you don't mind spending about $150 more, the starting configuration Dell Mini 1012 Netbook offers even more features.  And if you choose, you can also spend more to customize the Mini 1012 base configuration even further to include features such as a GPS or digital TV tuner option.

The Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 has a nice 10.1 inche 16:9 aspect ratio screen too, and the unit plays HD video with ease via a Broadcom Crystal HD media accelerator. Best of all though, you can enjoy all your favorite movies and music on the go via a whopping 9.5 hours of battery life at your disposal.   

And for all you style aware computing users, Dell Mini 1012 netbooks can also be purchased in 6 different case colors for that custom look and feel. Choose from Obsidian Black, Ice Blue, Jade Green, Passion Purple, Promise Pink and (PRODUCT) RED.  

Both the Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 and the 1018 also come with the latest Wireless-N Wi-Fi built-in, and Bluetooth 2.1 is available as an optional add-on.  Windows 7 powers both Dell Mini netbooks too so you can take advantage of all the same software as any standard laptop or desktop. 

Overall the Mini 10 series of netbooks compete with all the best netbooks on the market in features, style, and reliability.

Final Thoughts

We hope you've enjoyed this look at some of the best netbooks.  But
before you run out and spend your hard earned cash on a brand spanking new netbook, we highly recommend you check out our Laptop Buying Guide for it will help you determine if a netbook will be enough satisfy your unique computing needs.

And if at all possible, it never hurts to visit your favorite retailer such as Best Buy or Fryes Electronics to experience a netbook hands-on, especially if you haven't used a super small laptop before. See even though the netbooks are light-weight, portable and small, they may be a bit tricky to use until you are accustomed to thier tiny size.

You'll also probably want to look for a cordless mouse and a netbook case. These are both inexpensive items, and they will make your experience with netbooks much easier. 
As a final note, remember that not all netbook computers are created equal, so despite similarities on the surface, always take a close look at the specifications. Once you've compared a few different netbooks and looked over the pros and cons of each, then you should move forward and start shopping around for the best deals.

And if you're ready to buy, we highly recommend you start out at Amazon.com for netbook shopping. Amazon currently offers a ton of great deals on netbooks, laptops, accessories, and more.

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