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Looking For The Best Netbook Computer?

Let's Take a Look At The Netbook Computer System

dell colored mini netbook pictures imagesFinding The Best Netbook Computer

A netbook is a newer type of laptop computer system which pretty much falls into the super small notebook category.  Netbooks for the most part are small, lower priced, less powerful laptop computers.  

We like to call netbooks a go anywhere computer for they are small enough to fit in a purse or backpack with ease, and the typical netbook is actually fairly rugged  so it can take a bit of day to day punishment.  Not to mention if you break it you're not exactly going to break your bank along with it.  

dell inspiron mini 10 netbook images colored netbooksMost first generation netbooks ran Windows XP Home Edition or a basic Linux based operating system because of under powered hardware at the time, and this also helped to keep the cost down, though today's more powerful netbook configurations can be purchased with the superior Windows 7 operating system, lending to a more complete computing experience.

We are very thankful for the advancements in processor and other hardware technologies for we're no longer limited with what operating system we can run on our netbooks.  This combination definitely makes them a more attractive purchase.

That's the beauty with the computer industry, it's constantly evolving, and we're happy to see these super small number crunching machines evolving with it. Unfortunately netbooks haven't exactly gained the popularity initially anticipated because the mobile tablet craze pretty much put netbooks in the shadows, but even so netbooks should still be around for sometime because they still have their place in the mobile computer market.

Super Small Notebook Computers

Netbooks as we briefly mentioned are much smaller than other notebooks, typically they have 9 and 10 inch screens, and weigh anywhere from 2 to 4 pounds. 

They also sport smaller keyboards and touch pads because of their size, but we're happy to say keyboards are between 75 and 95 percent of a typical laptop keyboard. 

Take note for keyboard size is going to be a big factor that you will want to consider when shopping for a netbook, especially if you have bigger than average hands. 

Now if you do have large hands yet you still crave a cheap, super portable laptop, look for a chiclet style keyboard equipped netbook because they offer better key spacing. This extra spacing often helps lessen the change of you accidentally hitting a neighboring key.

Smaller keyboards aside, price is definitely going to be one of the major selling points for many of you. A typical netbook costs around $300 to $350. On the other hand some can get up to around $500+, but for that price we personally recommend you do more comparison shopping to insure that you are getting a good bang for your buck. We personally think this is a bit steep for a netbook class laptop because there are honestly better options out there in that price range.

We personally wouldn't pay more than about $400 bucks for a netbook. In our opinion it just doesn't make sense for a full featured laptop doesn't cost much more, if not within the same price range as a netbook on the highest end of the price scale.  After all to find the best netbook computer you are going to really want to pay special attention to price.

Typical Netbook Configuration:

  • Intel Atom Processor - Speeds ranging between 1.6 and 1.86 GHz or better
  • Built in Wi-Fi capable of wireless G and B
  • Built in 100Mbps Ethernet jack
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Standard hard disk or Solid State Hard Drive depending on configuration
  • Integrated Graphics processor by Intel or other manufacturer
  • Flash memory card slot
  • At least two USB ports
  • Integrated Web camera
  • Monitor output such as a VGA or even HDMI
  • Microphone input and Headphone output jacks

You may have noticed from our list the lack of an Optical drive such as a DVD or CD burner.  This is of course to be expected considering the petite form factor of netbook computer so we're not really complaining here. 

Because of the netbooks intended market reach this isn't really a concern either, and of course it lends to a netbooks laptop mini-me stature and cheap cost.  Since most netbooks have at least 2 USB ports plugging in an uber cheap external drive is a snap anyways.

PCMCIA upgrade slots are also often missing on even the best netbook computer systems and most if not all lack a generic 56k modem too which isn't really a big deal to most users but may suck for some of you who may potentially travel to a remote vacation sport or what not.  

Taking A Closer Look To Find The Best Netbook Computer

Asus netbook eee pc picture image

Many netbooks include the newer hard drive called a SSD or Solid State Drive.  In brief a Solid State Drive uses flash memory to store your data opposed to a traditional hard drive which uses a mechanical motor that drives spinning magnetic platters for data storage.  

Keep in mind Solid State drives have limited storage capacity but in tradeoff are faster and offer more shock protection in the event of a drop etc. See our Laptop Hard Drive Buying Guide for more details on this cool tech.  

Many netbooks typically offer pretty decent battery life which is another big selling point to pay attention to when shopping.  Some models include 6 or more cell batteries which will increase battery runtime.  Remember cheaper isn't always your best option with netbooks, so look around if good battery life is an important feature for you.  

Typically the best netbook computer systems will have higher cell batteries though it honestly still depends on the netbooks overall size for super tiny netbooks may not have the girth to accommodate a large capacity battery. Basically just read every detail when comparison shopping and ultimately you will find the system that meets your current lifestyle requirements.

We recommend you check out our Asus Eee PC 1000he laptop review for this model was very popular after its release. According to Asus the netbook achieves up to 9.5 hours of battery run time, and since Asus pretty much started the netbook revolution in 2007 with their Eee PC, we definitely recommend you take a close look at their Eee line of netbooks.

If you are looking for the best netbook computer, screen size is another thing worth noting.  Because a netbook is such a small portable don't expect miracles, the typical netbook screen resolution at the time of this writing is 1024x600 pixels.  Not much can be done in regards to this however because of physical size restraints and other factors like the size of onscreen elements such as text. 1024x600 is actually a good balance for it doesn't make for absolutely unreadable text.  

Additional Thoughts - Best Netbook Computer

worlds smallest netbook computer laptop imageOverall we truly feel the best netbook computer is going to be a great supplement to an existing desktop or larger laptop computer, a great birthday gift or even a perfect starter laptop for a younger person.  You simply can't beat their price and hip size to be honest.  

Plus laptop manufacturers have taken to these little guys and thus you have so many choices available from top name manufacturers including Dell, Asus, Gateway, HP, Toshiba, LG, Lenovo, and so many more. 

What are you waiting for?  Go get yourself a netbook already!!  But before you go, here's a brief list of some of our favorite models at the time of this writing.  

Best Netbook Computer Reviews: More reviews coming very soon!


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