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Laptop Cooler Pad Reviews: Best Laptop Cooling Pads Reviewed

A quality laptop cooling solution is an effective way to extend the life of your new laptop computer investment. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the most popular laptop cooling pad reviews. These are our favorite models, however, click on the cooling pad above to browse hundreds of top models.

Cooler Master Notepal Laptop Cooling Pad Review

cooler master notepal laptop cooling padsCooler Master has a winner on their hands with Notepal U and X2 series laptop cooling pads. In fact, they are in our opinion among the best laptop cooling pads available.

The aluminum mesh design on the U series look pretty darn sweet, and they also go well beyond looks by keeping your laptop icy during extended use, and the units are slim and light weight as well so they can be carried with ease.

Notepal U3 laptop coolers even include a handy elastic belt which allows you to secure your laptop to the pad for travel.

One of our favorite features with the U series is their multi-fan design.  The fans do a great job of keeping the laptop cool, and they do so without the noise of many competing laptop cooling systems. A fan speed control on the U3 allows you to fine tune your noise and cooling levels with ease.

Another cool feature with the U3 series cooler is the ability to mount the 3 included fans anywhere on the laptop cooling platform.  This is ideal for you can fine tune fan placement for different size laptops, up to 19-inches.

Unlike the multi-fan design of the U series coolers, the popular Cooler Master Notepal X2 laptop cooler instead has one adjustable, super quiet 140 MM fan to keep your laptop chill. Both the U line and the X2 line offer similar cooling, but with the X2 being the quieter of the two.

Overall, the Cooler Master Notepal U3, U2, and X2 are fantastic laptop cooling pad solutions.  If you’re looking for an extreme cooling pad to chill your laptop during extended use, Notepal U2 and U3 systems do a fantastic job thanks to a stellar mesh design and multi-fan setup among other great features. The X2 system with its super quiet fan also works wonders by keeping your laptop icy.

If you’re looking for one of the best laptop cooling pads, look no further! Cooler Master Notepal laptop cooling solutions are ideal for high-heat gaming laptops, summer weather laptop fun, and more.

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Xpad Laptop Cooling Pad Review

xpad laptop cooling padsIf you’re looking for a truly silent laptop cooling pad, look no further than Xpad laptop cooling solutions. Compared to many competing laptop cooling podiums, Xpad cooling pads keeps your laptop nice and chill without using any fans.

This makes the Xpad perfect for anyone who doesn’t want extra noise. Xpad cooling systems essentially act as a large heat sink by drawing heat way from your laptop, and they also elevate it to increase airflow delivery to your laptops built in cooling fan.

Are you tired of burning your legs with your laptop? According to Xpad their cooling solution shields your lap from heat by up to 60 degrees. This is a must for gaming laptops for they can get very hot during extended gaming sessions.

Other great features with the Xpad is a non-slip interface which keeps your laptop secure when using it at various angles. This prevents your laptop from sliding off when operating it at more extreme angles.

Xpad laptop cooling pads are also built sturdy, super slim, and best of all they are lightweight. This gives you maximum portability so they are great for travel and easy to store away when not being used.

Overall we rank the Xpad cooling podium as one of the best laptop cooling pads without an included active cooling solution. For a fan less design, the Xpad also competes well against many units containing fans.  Highly recommend for those looking for a quiet, super light laptop cooling solution.

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Targus Lap Chill Mat Laptop Cooling Pad Review

targus lap chill mat laptop cooling padsIf you’re looking for the best laptop cooling pads on the market, we highly recommend you check out the Targus Lap Chill Mat. The Lap Chill mat offers a nice bucket of features at a reasonable price.

The unit does a great job of protecting your lap from heat, and it does so comfortably thanks to a soft neoprene exterior. After an extended period of gaming, my lap wasn’t aching and it didn’t feel like I could cook an egg on it either.

The Lap Chill Mat also of course keeps your laptop much cooler thanks to a dual fan design.  The Targus Lap Chill Mat improves heat dissipation big time over a laptops standard cooling solution by jetting additional air into the laptops intake system.  This extra cooling will extend the life of your laptop.

The unit is surprisingly quiet even though it does not include adjustable fans. It isn’t quite as quiet as some other systems, most notably the Cooler Master X2, but the unit isn’t too noisy to be a distraction, even during web browsing and other light duty computing sessions. Of course if you desire, you can easily unplug the fans for a complete noise free laptop experience, but with reduced cooling performance of course.

The Targus Lap Chill Mat also has a nice ergonomic tilt which will make typing more comfortable for many.  Tilt does come down to user preference of course, but after a long laptop session myself and two others agreed that it improved our typing experience. This is out of four folks as well, so not too shabby.

Overall, the Lap Chill Mat from Targus is another fantastic cooling solution for your laptop, ideal for laptops that generate a lot of heat such as gaming laptops, extended laptop use, and summer laptop sessions.  If you’re looking for one of the best laptop cooling pads available, we highly recommend you check it out!

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Antec Laptop Cooling Pads Review

Antec Notebook Cooler Classic laptop cooling padsAnother great laptop cooling pad manufacturer is Antec. They’ve been in the computer business for some time now and we’ve always been impressed with the quality of their products, especially those designed for cooling.

Recently we’ve had the opportunity to test one of their laptop coolers, the Antec Notebook Cooler Classic laptop cooling pad. We must admit we all felt it was worth adding to the best laptop cooling pads list almost immediately after running it through the rounds.

The Antec Notebook Cooler Classic deserves a spot among the best laptop cooling pads for a slew of reasons including unique styling, great cooling performance, a quiet design, and a lightweight frame among other highlights.

Upon first opening the box, the sleek and stylish design of the cooling pad stood out instantly. Built out of a sturdy plastic body with a quality aluminum metal top, the unit felt very sturdy.  The overall design of the unit was solid across the board in both build quality and exterior styling.

During operation the fans ran quietly, and after an extended session our test laptop was noticeably cooler at both high and low speed fan settings. The fans get their power via an available USB port on your laptop so no cumbersome batteries are required. The fans also draw minimal energy from your laptop so battery runtimes aren’t zapped.

Overall, the Antec Notebook Cooler Classic is a solid laptop cooling podium for Mac and PC laptops. If you’re looking for one of the best laptop cooling pads on the market, we highly recommend you check it out.

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