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Asus Eee Pink Netbook Review

We take a look at and review the stylish Asus Eee Pink Netbook computer. 

Asus Eee Pink Laptop Review 

asus eee pink laptop computer picturesThe Asus Pink Eee PC is a great little laptop for kids and travelers for it is a fairly durable and at the same time a fairly cheap ultra portable laptop. 

Functionality wise the Asus pink Eee gets the job done for light duty tasks such as checking email or browsing the web. 

We definitely do not recommend it for a primary computing machine, though as a secondary laptop we highly recommend you take a look during your shopping endeavors. 

For the most part the Asus Eee pink looks like a pretty straightforward Netbook computer, of course in a girly pink color that is.  We found the exterior shade of pink chosen by Asus to be very easy on the eyes.  You can be sure a passerby will take a second glance at your little pinkie.   

The pink Asus Eee we reviewed is the smaller 7-inch model.  Do note that Asus does manufacture newer Eee PC's with larger displays including 8.9, and 10-inches.   Weight wise our 7-inch configuration weighed in around 2 pounds and it measured 8.8 inches wide by about 6.5 inches deep.  As you can see they are a very small little laptop. 

Ultra Portable Asus Eee Pink Netbooks

The 7-inch screen looks pretty small considering it is just that, small!

Screen resolution is only 800x480 which is much lower than today's minimum standard of about 1024x768. 

Of course it gets the job done for the 7-inch Eee PC's intended market.  If this is an issue with you we recommend you take a look at the larger Eee PC models offered by Asus.

On each side of the screen you will find a tiny set of speakers with basic audio quality of course, but they get the job done for basic day to day audio needs. 

Above the screen resides a webcam.  

When you look at other external features, the first thing we noticed was a smaller than ever keyboard.  Of course you can pretty much expect this from a laptop of such a compact nature. 

For kids the compact keyboard will be fine, but as you see a day to day machine this isn't going to work out for most and this is why we can't recommend it as a primary machine as mentioned earlier. 

Letter keys are for the most part less affected size wise than other keys including the tab, backspace, and control keys.  We found it very hard to strike the backspace and tab key during routine typing and it did take some time getting used to.  Overall though once we passed the learning curve the keyboard became a little friendlier. 

The Asus Eee pink also includes as expected an input device for mouse functionality.  Of course the touchpad is very small but overall we have to admit it gets the job done for basic usage as intended for the Asus Eee pc 7-inch line of Netbooks. 

Internal storage options for the 7-inch Eee PCs include a small but newer durable Solid-State type hard drive.  You can pick up a 7-inch Asus Eee pink in 8GB, 4GB, or 2GB. 

As you can see this isn't going to leave you much room for data storage.  But once again the 7-inch Eee is intended for basic usage such as surfing the web and checking email.  If you need more storage take a look at the larger Eee PC configurations of course.

Intel Based Asus Eee Pink Laptops

Processing power wise the Intel processors in the 7-inch Asus Eee PC get the job done for basic needs.  

Battery life in the 7-inch models is approximately 2.8 to about 3.5 hours maximum.  Not substantially great for such a small notebook in our opinion, but good enough for on the go basic computing duties.  

You may want to take a look at the newer Asus Eee PC's with Intel's newer Atom processor if you're looking for a compact notebook with battery life to spare.  They are rated from about 4.2 to up to 8 hours depending on usage and model type. 

While we've only touched base on the Asus Eee Pink, we have to conclude that it is a solid little machine for kids or as a secondary laptop to take with you to the beach or other outdoor activity.  So if you are in deed looking for a cute little pinkie laptop you can't go wrong with the Asus Eee pink for it fits that bill perfectly. 

On the other hand if you are more than a very basic user we really have to recommend something else, possibly the newer and larger screened Intel Atom based Asus Eee PC's for they fair much better in the specification department by offering you faster speeds, increased battery life, more storage capacity, and larger screens among other features. 

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