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Asus Eee Netbooks

A look at the Asus Eee line of netbook PC laptop computers. 

Asus Eee Netbooks - Overview

asus eee pc laptop picturesThe Asus Eee PC is a highly popular netbook sold in the USUK, Japan, Australia, and all over the world. 

Many offer great battery life and awesome keyboards  making Asus Eee Netbooks among the best netbooks out on the market hands down.  Popular models include the Eee PC 1000HE, and the Asus N10 among others.

Top highlights across the Asus Eee PC line include great battery life.  In fact the awesome Asus Eee PC 1000HE can achieve a whopping 10+ hours of battery runtime.  Sweet! Check out our Asus Eee PC 1000HE review at the bottom of this page for more details.  

Asus Eee PC styling is in our opinion very attractive with curves in just the right places.  Some Eee PC models are very prone to show fingerprints however because of their high gloss finish but glossy tech products seems to be the norm these days and in fact some of you will love the fact that your Eee PC will stand out from the crowd, especially shiny pink colored netbook models.

Asus Eee Netbooks And Mini Netbook Competitors

asus eee pink netbook laptop

You have to check out the Eee PC 1000HE netbooks if you're looking for a super compact netbook laptop without a super cramped keyboard.  

Many of the Asus Eee PC's competitors have some serious keyboard cramping issues, though like the evolving Eee other manufacturers are starting to tweak their designs too thankefully. But Asus has nailed it with their keyboard on the 1000HE models.

Pre 1000HE models like most netbooks had some keyboard issues that needed to be tweaked, but Asus has definitely done their homework and designed a true winner this round. 

Features are plenty on the Asus Eee PC netbooks and you will find just about everything including Ethernet, USB, microphone and headphone ports, video output, multiple USB ports, a MultiMediaCard/SD card reader and more. There are no optical drives on Eee PC netbooks but this is typical netbook fashion.

Last but definitely not least Asus Eee netbooks are powered by Intel's outstanding Atom processor.  This processor is as efficient as they come and Intel has truly delivered.  Common Atom processors in Asus Eee netbooks are the Atom N270 & N280.


asus eee pc uk netbookMost Asus Eee PC netbooks are some of the best netbooks for travelers because of their compact size. 

Also most Asus Eee netbooks offer great battery life and the Asus Eee PC 1000HE in fact can even achieve what we like to call almost all day computing. 

Depending on how you use the little bugger you can get up to 10 hours. Pretty impressive!

And for those of you who type frequently, 1000HE Eee PC's offer an outstanding keyboard to boot.  In fact the Asus 1000HE keyboard may very well be the best netbook computer on the market at the time of this writing.

Other Asus Eee netbooks offer decent keyboards as well, though older Eee PC's had pretty tight keyboard designs and so will be hard for those with large hands.

And if processing power is your thing, none other than the Asus N10 should be your beast.  The Asus N10 is one of the most powerful netbooks out there at the time of this article, though this power comes at a price and so the Asus N10 netbooks are a bit on the larger side of the scale compared to other netbooks. 

The real highlight of the Asus N10 netbooks is the Nvidia GeForce 9200M graphics chip.  With the flick of a switch on the netbooks side you can switch between the integrated Intel graphics solution and the GeForce 9200M chip.  You will experience smoother video processing and you can even tackle light 3D gaming.  Sweet!

What are you waiting for mate? Go check out the Asus Eee PC line of netbooks!

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