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ARCHOS Internet Tablet Review

ARCHOS Internet Tablets - ARCHOS 70 & ARCHOS 101

archos internet tabletARCHOS Internet Tablet Review

By Erin K.

ARCHOS Internet Media Tablet Review
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The ARCHOS Internet Tablet is definitely not one of the better known tablets out there in the market today, but it is definitely under rated and not as well known as it should be.

This small device is definitely showing some beef in places that were previously unexpected and only ever seen in big market names that are currently competing in today's consumer market.

It is of course another Android operated tablet that gives you access to the application framework that was developed by Google.

It comes with a full pack of applications that allow the tablet to be used for just about anything you can think of. It has home screen widgets that give you access to all your favorite apps and the flick of a finger and you can customize just about every aspect of your user experience.

The ARCHOS Internet Tablet is definitely one to consider as your next possibility should you be looking for a compact tablet style multi-media device.

Two hugely popular versions are the ARCHOS 70 and the 101, and both of them compare surprisingly well with a lot of the tablets that are currently available on the market.

As a benchmark, most of the tablet designs are compared to the iPad as Apple is considered by many to be the first company to release such a concept out into the market. The response was so big that many other manufacturers began following suit.

Today, it seems that it appears to be a race to see who can add the most features and make their device perform better.

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ARCHOS have a patented plastic overmolding process that allows them to manufacture their tablets with much smaller and lighter dimensions than many of its competitors.

It is 21% lighter than the closest competitor, the Galaxy Tab made by Samsung and it is 16% thinner than the galaxy as well. Thus it weighs in at a meager 300g's and an almost scaring 10mm thickness.

The ARCHOS 70 has a 7 inch screen, the same as the galaxy but the resolution is lower. The 800x480 pixel display still gives you good quality images and even offers you viewing in high definition. In comparison ARCHOS 101 display is increased to 10.1 inches and boasts the same 1024x600 resolution as the Galaxy tab does, but with the benefit of the bigger display area.

The ARCHOS Internet Tablet 101 is slightly bigger in size and heavier in size, but it is still smaller and lighter than the famed iPad.

The processor for this tablet is the same as the Galaxy, running a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor coupled with graphics acceleration. It has the similar processing capabilities as the galaxy and doesn't hold back while viewing videos or streaming live from YouTube for example.

The main downfall for the ARCHOS Internet Tablet is that it doesn't have a slot for a sim card. This essentially means that you are limited to connecting at Wi-Fi spots when you have the device on its own, but you still have the option to connect it up to a cellphone and use the data carrier through there.

Your phone would then act as a modem for the tab and you would have full connectivity as long as you have signal from a cellular network. Obviously, the speed of data transfer is limited to whatever your cellphone can handle, but that won't be a serious setback.

If you are unable to connect to the net, you can always stream directly off from your PC. You can connect wirelessly or via USB and the files will stream directly from your computer to your internet tab. It has the capability of working the other way too.

You can also connect it to a monitor or TV and stream the files so they can be viewed on a bigger screen. The internal apps that come standard with the device feature the regular music, video and photo applications that have been tailored to improve your multimedia experience on this device.
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The ARCHOS Internet Tablet supports a far wider variety of video and music formats that go beyond the normal scope of any android operating system. This allows for less complication when viewing other formats that don't usually get played by particular operating system.

The biggest feature is the ability to dual boot with multiple operating systems. In other words you can have the standard Android system and run Linux Angstrom at the same time. What this essentially means for the end user is that any application can be used on the device. You can also erase the Android system and work on a completely different one, like Angstrom.

With the Angstrom operating system installed you can then open up to a whole host of new apps made by open source developers, meaning it's free and versatile. The user can couple the device to accessories like a keyboard or additional monitor so that you can type quicker or view everything on a bigger screen. The accessories can be coupled via Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi.

The ARCHOS Internet Tablet also has flash 10 capabilities, making the viewing of Flash websites far quicker and less glitch than some of the counterparts available on the market. All of these features give the internet tab a small advantage over some of the bigger market players like the Apple iPad.

The device has a built in accelerometer called a "g-sensor" so the screen flips when you rotate between landscape and portrait. It also comes in handy when playing games on it. The Open GL graphics acceleration adds to the enhancement of any 3D gaming experience.

They also have an OfficeSuit application that allows you access to word and excel based application on the device and it is compatible with Microsoft's Office applications as well. You can then move your office to tablet and have full access to work related documents.

At the time of this article the ARCHOS Internet Tablet comes standard with 8GB flash memory but is also available in a 250GB hard drive version which is slightly heavier for obvious reasons. The battery life is similar to the Galaxy and handles about 6 hours with regular usage.

Overall, it's a uniquely positioned product that offers a wide scope of uses and applications. It a cheaper alternative to its cellular counterparts, and still has the wider capabilities in terms of multi-media.

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