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By Colleen C.

When you buy an iPad, that will typically put you in the market for Apple iPad covers, as well. Regular laptops can easily slide into computer bags you have already, but if you have an iPad, you'll probably want the right case for it. Whether you select an Apple case or one made by another company, it's a handy accessory to protect your iPad.

Reviewers have had the chance to check out different types of iPad cases, and then compare them to each other. Most consumers likewise use an iPad cover to protect their iPad, even if they will be putting  the tablet inside a computer or messenger bag.

Whether you start out sampling Apple iPad covers or other brands, you'll eventually settle on the cover you prefer for your iPad. Even if you've only had your iPad for a short time period, it will be clear to you that sitting it on your lap or a table may work for a time, but you'll want to use a cover that props your tablet at a proper angle.

The issue here is that there are varying angles for viewing your iPad, depending on what you're doing. If you want to check your email or add some notes, that's a different angle than watching a movie on an airplane.

When you try an Apple cover, you'll note that it allows you to set your tablet at 30 or 90 degree angles, either horizontally or vertically, by simply flipping the cover back and tucking it into a tab that is located on the case's back. These covers will hold your iPad safely and securely, although you do have to be a bit careful when you pick your iPad up, so that the cover doesn't flip open.

There are also fancier types of Apple iPad covers, made with plusher materials and designed so that you can carry them like they are mini-briefcases all their own. These covers have handy pockets inside the front cover, and they will zip closed so that you know your tablet is safe and snug inside. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to get the corner straps in place, to properly hold your iPad, depending on the brand and style that you select.  

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A proper iPad cover should offer a way to position your iPad when you use it. Some cases require you to take it out of the case to prop it up. And if you add a cover behind your iPad, it may be more unwieldy than using just the iPad. Some covers are more suitable to use around your office or home, while others are made more for traveling.

There are some well-designed Apple iPad covers that are made like slip-cases, which are made more for times when you are on the move, rather than something to place your iPad on to work. These tend to be more like car covers - you have to take the whole thing off to use it, but it will keep it safe and clean.

Nylon sleeve covers sometimes have suede lining and leather accents, and they are held rigid by heavy duty plastic. They may have a pocket on the outside that allows you to see inside. These types of sleeves cover up three sides of your iPad, and don't include any zippers, Velcro or straps to hold your iPad inside. These sleeves can be made so that they are snug, so that your iPad doesn't slip out.

Designer iPad covers will help to keep your iPad from being damaged inside your messenger bag or backpack, while you are traveling or commuting. They offer you scratch protection for the screen, and you can place it inside a larger type bag that doesn't have protection of its own. These covers don't all have handles or straps, so they don't always work well as cases, rather than covers. But they will keep smudges off your iPad when you use them inside other carrying bags. These bags sometimes have outer pockets, but most reviewers didn't use them much. These covers may be cheaper than more rigid covers and cases, but there are places where each works well.

In the category of Apple iPad covers, as well as those made by competitors, you can also use cases made for other laptops as iPad covers. Nylon sleeves that were designed for a 13" MacBook will give you enough room for your iPad, and also an adapter and a set of headphones. You can use it like a mini-iPad bag. Smaller sleeves are even handier for iPads, since the fit is better.
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Most covers for iPads have good padding, to protect your iPad properly. Ballistic nylon is a hardy exterior material, as long as it has some structure or padding inside. Some covers have a pocket or more, which can be helpful if you have notes or pens or other miscellaneous items you need to carry along.

Since the iPad has become so popular, there is no shortage of innovative covers available to protect them. The way you use your iPad has a lot to do with the cover you will select. You may not need a screen cover as much as the next person, but for some people it is a must-have.

Apple iPad covers have great combinations of protection, multi-use, easy access and slim styling. Some other brands have latches that will keep your cover shut securely, and if you check online, you'll find many kinds of covers for your iPad.

One cover that is popular lately is the iPad kickstand leather case. It serves as cover and case both, and as a stand, as well. This cover and case gives you a sense of luxury and class. It's made thicker than the cover by Apple, and it uses pigskin leather, which is strong and durable.

Proper covers will leave you with peace of mind, knowing that your iPad won't be scratched or dented. Many covers also leave your iPad accessible, so that you can use it without taking it completely out of its protective cover. Get a cover that is made with craftsmanship and skill.

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