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Apple iPad Accessories

We take a look at some popular Apple iPad accessories.

cool pink apple ipad cases and accessoriesShopping For Apple iPad Accessories

When you are looking into getting one of the best tablet computers on the market, you'll soon be looking onto Apple iPad accessories, as well. The iPad is a true phenomenon in the world of computer electronics, a sexy, sleek and capable device that will fill the void you've felt without a tablet to customize with color, and call your own.

Although production ran in overdrive, the iPads were in short supply after they were first introduced. Once you get your hands on your own iPad, if you haven't already, you'll want to keep your eyes open for the gear that will work the best with your iPad.

The iPad is stark and simple on its own, and it looks like it's really wanting some color splashed somewhere on it. The unique shape and size make your choices a bit more limited, but by now, there are plenty of vendors who are selling custom skins and other Apple iPad accessories. These vendors give you a great number of solutions that will make your iPad work better, or look better, or both.

Popular Apple iPad Accessories

pink apple ipad sleeves

One of the top selling Apple iPad accessories is the Monster HD Precision Bluetooth Speaker. The audio performance of the naked iPad leaves more than a little to be desired, and this is quite a contrast to the iPad's stunning quality of video. The picture displayed by an iPad deserves clear sound that matches it, and Monster has answered the call by taking the sound reproduction chore from the iPad into their Bluetooth speaker. It gives you true stereo sound from two full-range drivers, which you can patch in through the 3.5mm jack or the 2.0 Bluetooth. The unit has its own battery that gives you nearly five hours of playback time.  

apple saddleback leather ipad sleeveAnother of the more functional Apple iPad accessories is the Saddleback Leather iPad sleeve. When you carry a status symbol as your laptop, the proper sleeve can make it look even better, and your Apple-less friends will envy you even more. A leather sleeve will protect your iPad from bumping and jarring, as well as the elements. This sleeve is soft, brown, black or red leather, but you can also get other colored sleeves that will customize your iPad. The Saddleback leather pad uses deliberately worn leather, for that worn in look, even while it protects your investment. The manufacturer uses a pigskin lining and marine-grade thread. 

Another accessory you'll want as soon as you've seen it work is the Powertraveller Solar Gorilla Portable Solar Charger. Even though the iPad has robust battery life already, the tank, alas, will run dry, and the best way to recharge it is to do it for free with the power of the sun. This charger is the world's first truly portable iPad charger that can be used with an iPad adapter to provide power for your iPad. The unit works with two photo-voltaic panels that generate electricity from the rays of the sun. You can't beat free power.

Cool Apple iPad Accessories

cool apple ipad gel case

The Belkin Grip Vue is one of the Apple iPad accessories that you may not have heard of already. The mirror finish on the back of your iPad is attractive, but it can easily become smudged and scratched with fingerprints and fingernails. In addition, the curved shape that gives the iPad its ergonomic feel also allows it to slide off your lap. The Belkin grip Vue is a silicone skin available in lots of colors, that will add style and also solid grip to your iPad. This material is more stretchy than plain plastic and also tougher than plain rubber, and it conforms snugly to the back of your iPad, while still giving you access to all of the controls that are mounted along the edge of the unit. It doesn't interfere with the screen, either.

If you're not up to date on the accessories available for iPads, you may not have seen the Speck Core Pack Fly 10 Bag. This will be a true godsend when you are going through the TSA screening at airports. You may get hassled even with a plain laptop, and the iPad is shaped differently enough that the screeners are not as accustomed to seeing them. The Speck Fly 10 is a bag sized for your iPad, that opens easily and quickly to show all its contents. It even unfolds into a lapdesk, whenever you need one. It's not just for fliers either, the comfortable microfleece lining, brief-case styling, multiple pockets, and shoulder strap, make this a popular bag for your iPad and Apple iPad accessories.

Highly Function Apple iPad Accessories 

cool apple ipad recliner stand


There are other accessories that are made just for the iPad, and you can usually find them at stores that carry iPads. The standard iPad case gives you basic protection and converts to a stand so that you can prop the device upright when you're watching movies or video on the screen. 

The iPad keyboard dock allows you to slip your iPad into an Apple keyboard, thus making typing easier than the touch-screen of the iPad. There is also a standard iPad dock that does not offer a keyboard, but will still allow you to stand your iPad up for viewing videos and movies. 

apple ipad keyboard dockIf you're into digital photography, you'll love the iPad connection kit for cameras. They allow you to attach a simple SD card or your digital camera onto the iPad with a USB cable, so you can transfer your photos to your iPad from the camera.

If you're browsing Apple iPad accessories, and you've already gotten the perfect skin, mouse and keyboard to customize your iPad, check out the dock connector to VGA adapter, which can be used to connect your iPad to a projector, so that you can deliver presentations. 

Apple also offers you regular accessories, like an Apple wireless keyboard that can be connected with Bluetooth. You can also take the company up on their MobileMe membership and AppleCare protection, which is a plan that will offer you protection for two years after you purchase your new iPad. You can also get Micro-SIM cards for Vodaphone, Orange and O2 phone service. They are sold separately when you buy the WiFi and 3G iPad models. Add some of these accessories and make your iPad truly unique.

Final Thoughts

We hope you've enjoyed this brief look at Apple iPad accessories. As you see there are a slew of great Apple iPad accessories out there offering great functionality, trendy designs, colors, and more. 

Below you will find our hand picked shopping recomendations and showcase of popular Apple laptop deals and iPad accessories.

Happy purchasing folks!

Apple iPad Shopping Specials

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