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Apple iPad 2 Review

Apple iPad 2 Review - Is The iPad 2 Worth The Price Of Admission?

apple ipad 2 tabletApple iPad 2 Review

By Erin K.

The original Apple iPad is officially a thing of the past, but it's certainly not forgotten.

There are quite a number of people that managed to ride the wave all the way in to the shore of technological bliss, and the rest were left paddle in without a whim for the world.

Fortunately, those that were left in the wake of the first edition now have a chance for reprisal with the Apple iPad 2. There are a whole host of new features that outperform and outsmart its predecessor that it could even pass for something completely new.

So why would Apple bring out a new product that it's bigger and better than one that didn't have a whole lot wrong with it to begin with?

If it's such a wonderful product then why make an improvement you might ask. Well the original iPad didn't really have anything wrong as such; it was more about what it lacked than anything else. So after a couple months of solid research and working on a number of innovations they finally released a beefed up version of an already great product.

With all that being said, let's go over some popular changes that make all Apple iPad 2 hype worthwhile.

First and foremost on the list would have to be Apple's design changes. The Apple iPad 2 still features an amazingly sleek and sexy design, but it's now slightly thinner, and it is also lighter than the first generation iPad as well, so it's not only more mobile, but functional too.

To be specific, the new design is now 33% thinner than the first one and that in turn makes it 15% lighter. It seems that putting it down is going to be a lot harder now that it weighs less. Fortunately, they haven't cut back on all the technology to make it lighter, instead they've added a whole lot more that comes in handy for just about anything you can think of.
apple ipad 2 with smart covers

The new Apple iPad 2 processor packs a real punch, running a 1 GHz dual-core A5 high performance chip manufactured by ARM.

Its power usage is ultra low so it helps in pro-longing battery life and the processing speed is theoretically double that of the first generation iPad even with the reduced power requirements.

Reports however have shown that certain applications that run are more resource intensive and actually results in similar processing times. They have, however, doubled the onboard RAM to 512MB so working between apps is a lot more efficient. Even though there is extra beef in the hardware, it still sometimes struggles a little with multi-tasking in a similar fashion to the first one.

The screen on this first wave of the Apple iPad 2 is exactly the same size as before, and the same goes for the resolution at 1028 x 768 pixels. The video format supported is the standard H.264 video up to 720p at 30fps. It also has MPEG-4 video, Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) also at 30 frames per second and similar resolution to H.264. Video formats might be a problem with all the available formats out there, but getting a converter is easy and it works fine once you have the files in the right format.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the first iPad was that it didn't have a camera. Taking pictures and video calling were a big issue for a lot of the users. In response to that, Apple went the extra mile and added two cameras instead of just one. Now you can take snap shots and record at 30 frames per second in HD quality.

FaceTime is a great app for keeping in touch with others over long distance. It's a video calling lets others see you, and projects the other party directly onto your screen.

There are all the regular apps that feature on the Apple iPad 2 and all of them are based on convenience and ease of use. They are easily accessible from the main screen and you will be able to navigate with the Maps app, listen to your music with iTunes, access YouTube and view videos, make video calls with FaceTime and kill sometime in the game centre.

Once you get familiar with loading new apps on the Apple iPad 2, there is literally no limit to what you get to load on there. There are over 65,000 apps already developed for the iPad by Apple and they range from business to entertainment and just about everything in between.
The iOS 4.3 is the latest release operating system that presents some useful improvements that better the user friendliness of the iPad2. There is a built in accelerometer that is combined with a gyroscope chip that improves the motion sensitivity. This is particularly useful when it comes to playing games, and just makes for easier viewing when you need to rotate the images on screen. If the sensitivity becomes an issue, you can always lock the screen so that it doesn't rotate.

apple ipad 2 tablet computer

The ability to access Wi-fi and 3G was to be expected and although 3G is only available on a limited number of carriers in the US, you can always find yourself a wireless hot-spot to hop online, make video calls or simply check your mails from a coffee shop.

Wireless will function on all the frequency standards from around the world and 3G will work on any network carrier that anything from UMTS data upwards. Once you are connected to the net, the Apple iPad 2 gives you access to a whole host of useful stuff. You can access your home or work desktop remotely, or stream videos directly from YouTube, and the latency is substantially improved with the access to 3G networks.

The Touch screen interface is still the primary input method, but you can extend it to work with Bluetooth keyboards if you like.  You get similar battery life to the first one, at around 9.5 hours with fairly regular usage, but it has been noted that it probably won't last more than 6 if you are watching movies back to back.

Overall the Apple iPad 2 is definitely one of the top brands to go for if you are considering a tablet. It does a superb job at everything it was designed for, and once you get to know the finer details of how it all works it gets even better. 

And while it is not exactly a revolution from the original Apple iPad, its new features coupled with the slimmer design make it a very welcoming evolution. 

Highly recommended!

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