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Aluminum Laptop Case

Protect your laptop investment with a quality aluminum laptop case.

designer aluminum laptop caseBuy A Quality Aluminum Laptop Case

An aluminum case is without a doubt one of the best looking ways to tote your laptop around.

Aluminum cases comes in a number of sleek, metal finishes that you simply can't get with a soft case. 

The benefits of an aluminum case however extend well beyond good looks, for an Aluminum laptop case is also top of the line when it comes to protection and security for your laptop.

When you couple good looks with outstanding protection capabilities, you have a winning combination.

Prices for aluminum laptop cases have come down in recent years, so a solid aluminum case can be purchased without dipping into your life savings.
Some aluminum cases can still get up there in price, but an option for everyone's budget exists.

Today you will find a slew of competitively priced aluminum cases to choose from.  Some of our favorite aluminum case manufacturers include:  Samsonite, U.S. Luggage,  Shoptronics, ecWorld, Global marketing Partners, and Vanguard. And the list doesn't stop here either.

In this article we're going to start out by overviewing some of the key reasons why an aluminum laptop case is often preferred over a standard soft laptop case. Then we're going to examine some of the features that you will want to look for in an aluminum case, and finally we're going to overview some of the more popular aluminum cases on the market.

We've also included product links to Amazon.com throughout this page so that you can easily purchase a quality aluminum case for your laptop. Enjoy!

Tips For Buying The Best Aluminum Laptop Casematias laptop armor aluminum laptop case

Intro - Aluminum Laptop Cases

While an aluminum notebook case is typically more expensive than a soft case, sometimes even running up to a few hundred dollars, it's important to understand what those extra dollars can get you. 

First on the list, aluminum cases simply give you that protection that you just can't get with a soft laptop case. Even a cheaper, sub one hundred dollar aluminum case offers more protection than most soft cases.

Let's say you're late for a meeting and you're running down a flight of stairs. Someone bumps into you from behind and sends your laptop case flying down the steps. With a soft case there's a good chance your laptop would need some serious repair work, but in the same situation with an aluminum laptop case, your laptop is more likely to be unscathed.

Another thing to consider with an aluminum laptop case is what we like to call the metal factor. A lot of people think that aluminum cases are heavier than ordinary soft ones, but that isn't always true. Aluminum is not only a strong metal, but it's also a very light. In fact, some aluminum cases are even lighter than many soft laptop cases. 

Remember that only the main body of the laptop case is usually made out of aluminum. The straps and handles are typically made of soft leather or high-quality rubber which provides a good grip, great cushioning, and low weight. 

Examine The Exterior

You should always examine the cases exterior as well. Exterior quality and features vary across cases so compare and contrast what each aluminum case offers. 

Many aluminum cases offer fairly similar features, though you will usually find that quality and features often increase alongside price. The more you spend, the more you will usually get in terms of quality and quantity.

Good quality aluminum cases often include a metal framework with padding on the bottom of the case to prevent it from scratching surfaces for example.  This framework also gives your laptop better shock protection in the event of an accidental drop. 

One thing that most aluminum laptop cases offer that many soft laptop bags don't is security. Because of the way an aluminum case is constructed, they are typically fitted with security locks. 

When you think about it, most soft laptop cases just put a simple zipper between your laptop and a thief. Higher-end aluminum cases even offer customized security locks to give your laptop the best protection possible. 

Flip The Lid  

Before buying an aluminum laptop case it's important to have a look inside to see what kind of protection your laptop will get, as well as what features the case offers you for sorting all your gadgets, paperwork, etc. 

Make sure the case first and foremost secures the laptop in place for you don't want it bouncing around inside, especially if you ever drop your case. A good quality aluminum laptop case will typically have plenty of shock-absorbent foam surrounding the interior of the aluminum case housing. 

The inside of typical aluminum laptop cases will usually have a special mesh or vinyl lining that will be divided into different compartments. These dividers usually have Velcro or other adjustments so that you can fit your laptop in as securely as possible and store all your gadgets.

Some cases also have a rubber or equivalent seal around where the lid closes to offer better water and dust protection. Not every case will have this but it doesn't hurt to pay attention to these type of details when shopping for an aluminum laptop case.

Water And Dust?  No Problem

An aluminum laptop case also wins out over soft cases in the water and dust department. Water is your worst enemy when it comes to keeping your laptop safe. A good quality aluminum case is fantastic if you live in a rainy climate. 

Even your standard soft laptop bag needs to be water resistant, but if you get caught outside in a downpour, even the sturdiest soft case will only be able to offer you limited protection. But with aluminum, you don't need to worry so much. An aluminum case offers your laptop similar protection that a car gives you in the rain for the moisture just slides off, keeping your laptop dry inside. 

However, water isn't the only thing laptop owners need to be wary of. Dust is another enemy, and you can't always tell how much damage is done. Soft laptop cases are more susceptible to letting dust inside, especially if they are made out of cloth, which is a porous material. 

No matter how sturdy the bag is, it will always let in a certain amount of dust, but that same dust will have a much harder time trying to break through an aluminum surface. If you're someone who likes the great outdoors and are taking your laptop with you on those long, wildlife walks, an aluminum case is a great way to go. You'll be able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying so much about your laptop. Dropping and damaging your laptop won't be so much of a worry either, for remember an aluminum case is built to absorb shock. 

Top 5 Aluminum Laptop Cases

1. Vanguard Designer 83 Aluminum Computer Case
vanguard designer 83 aluminum laptop case
Features At A Glance
  • Holds most laptops up to 15.4-inches
  • Shock absorbing interior
  • Removable dividers and easy-access pockets for files and accessories
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Removable carrying strap

Brancas Aluminum Laptop/Notebook Computer Attache Case
brancas attache aluminum laptop case

Features At A Glance

  • Holds most laptops up to 17-inches
  • Lightweight heat-tempered aluminum shell
  • Triple-digit combination lock
  • Full size organizer compartment

3. Matias Laptop Armor Aluminum

matias laptop armor aluminum laptop case

Features At A Glance

  • Holds laptops from 14 to 17-inches
  • Shock absorbing interior
  • Multiple internal organizers
  • Slim exterior design
  • Patented Corner Protection System
  • Detachable padded shoulder strap

Aluminum Laptop Computer Travel Briefcase Executive Attache

aluminum laptop computer travel briefcase executive attache

Features At A Glance

  • Holds laptops up to 15-inches
  • Padded frame laptop compartment with removable padded foam spacers
  • Velcro restraint strap
  • Organizer section with inside pockets
  • Metal corner guard protection
  • Combination lock for security

5. Samsonite Attache

samsonite attache aluminum laptop case

Features At A Glance

  • Holds laptops up to 17-inches
  • Durable aluminum exterior
  • Padded interior with restraint strap and adjustable padded deviders
  • Organizer pockets for accessories and zippered pocket
  • Reinforced handle
  • Dual combination locks

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