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acer pink mini laptopAcer Pink Mini Laptops & Netbooks

By Colleen C.

Acer has some of the most stylish laptops on the market, and the 10-inch Acer pink mini laptop is up there on the list of great netbooks.

Their 10-inch Aspire One line is hugely popular because of not just their outstanding styling, but their compact size and feature set as well.

The current pink colored Aspire One models will help to keep them near the top in netbook sales, even compared to big players like Dell and Sony.  Acer netbooks tend to be a bit cheaper than a lot of models out there, and they are very stylish compared to a lot of competing netbooks on the market too.

Acer owns a large chunk of a netbook market that is always growing. Their new 10 inch models will be even more popular than their 9 inch models, and the prices are still competitive. They are between fifty and one hundred dollars less than other netbook manufacturers' similar systems. It's not quite the best mini laptop out there, but it's among the best.

Like other netbooks and laptops, Acer's offer the latest Intel processors, which work speedily, to help you get your work done, or to help you keep up with friends and family. The current Acer pink mini laptop has a keyboard that's big enough to keep your typing comfortable, but the touch pad is too small for some. The mouse buttons are fairly easy to use, and the six cell battery has an extended life that will last about six hours. The mini laptop is somewhat heavier than some other models due to the six cell battery, but it will give you power on the go for longer periods of time.

The original netbooks and mini laptops were made to be inexpensive machines for travel and commuting, and the new Acers fit that description well. You can add options that will bump the price up, but at its basic price, it's a very workable model.

The newer Acer pink mini laptop has a textured, matte finish for the keyboard and a glossy kid. The footprint is very similar to other mini laptops in the same size range, although Acer models tend to be a bit thicker and somewhat heavier.

acer pink mini laptop

Acer's new Aspire Ethos mini laptops have a larger screen and chassis than the original Aspire Ones. But the keyboard is very similar. The keyboard tends to be a bit less comfortable than the HP Mini or the comparable Samsung NC10, but the page up and down keys are quite handy. 

The Acer touchpad is not the best part of the mini laptop, but it's usable. It's small, and so is the rocker bar under it. Getting a proper click is a bit difficult, since it's deeply embedded.  The wide-screen LCD display on the Acer pink mini laptop gives you a readable view, and some web pages won't even require scrolling. The images are clear and bright, and the display is bigger, which is a main selling point.

The newest models of the Acer Aspire have typical connections and ports, comparable to those on other economical netbooks. The D260 model is lightweight and slim for a netbook, and they have a processor that is slightly faster.

This line of netbooks is a bright spot in the Acer line, since they make quite decent netbooks for reasonable prices. The Acer pink mini laptop may only be exciting in the color of the skin or cover you use on it, but the D260 model is smaller, thinner and lighter than most of their other mini laptops. It also has a more easy to use touchpad and keyboard.

The D260, which is one of the newer models in the Acer line, is in the middle of the lower priced netbook models, and it has a smart design and good looks. It uses the new Atom N475 by Intel, rather than the older model. It runs faster than the older CPU. This will help to keep your netbook from running sluggishly.

Even the faster Acer netbooks are still, at their core, pretty basic, but they are fine for checking email and surfing the web. The weight and size are appealing factors, and the battery life is good. Some of the Acer models are smaller than the competition, but the Acer pink mini laptop has a screen size that is similar to other mini laptops in its class.

acer pink mini laptop

You can add pink skins to the dark gray D260, one of the newer Acer mini laptops. Otherwise, it tends to be non-descript. The interior is gray as well, with a keyboard of black. The keys are closely-spaced and cut into an island-style keyboard. Some models may have a bit more space between keys, which makes them easier to use. Each manufacturer of netbooks wants to fit the most keyboard in the smallest space, but with the smallest models, it will take some getting used to.

The touch pad of the 260 is generous for the size of the system, and it's not as high as it is wide. The pad has a good feel to it, and the mouse buttons are located on a rocker bar, not on separate buttons.

The display of the Acer pink mini laptop is 10.1 inches, and has the standard resolution for the 10-inch netbooks. Some of the higher-priced netbooks have more pixels in their displays. Some of the models have a shinier or glossier finish than others, with the less glossy models being easier to use, with less glare.

You won't find any big surprises in the connections and ports of the Acer netbooks, or in its hard drive or RAM, but, as mentioned, the newer models have the latest Intel Atom CPU version. It's a faster chip than the one that most netbook manufacturers use.

There has also been improvement in some of the benchmark tests for the newer Acer models, although premium netbooks are more expensive, and faster. When you are using the Acer pink mini laptop, the system feels similar to those on other Intel Atom-equipped netbooks, with a minimal amount of sluggishness noted.

As you will find with most of the standard netbooks, the video playback of the Acer netbooks is not its strongest suit, especially if you're streaming video online. Some of the video files play fine, but other videos from YouTube and Hulu may stutter a bit when you play them in full-screen mode. All in all though, the Acers are popular models in the lower priced market for mini laptops.

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